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First Letting Solutions

Become an investor and achieve a 6-10% return on your investments.*

First Letting Solutions is an experienced team of property developers. Based in South Wales, we work with investors across the UK and worldwide. Our portfolio delivers on short term projects of about 6 months, and longer term projects of up to 18 months. Typically both offer returns of up to 10%.

We source properties through our extended network of estate and letting agents, solicitors, commercial agents, and also directly from vendors. We then purchase using cash in order to move quickly and secure the best deals. Our criteria for purchase is that there must be room to add significant value through refurbishment, planning uplift, buying at true discount to market value and pinpointing opportunities to maximise income from the property based on our extensive experience.

Once the property is purchased and value added, we then re-finance or sell the property on. We always ensure there are multiple exit strategies to ensure that investor funds are protected.

If you are looking to increase your pension, or want to achieve a better rate of return on your capital than currently achievable due to the low interest rates of UK banks, then become an investor with First Letting Solutions.

*Project dependent.

Why First Letting Solutions?

  • Guaranteed due diligence
  • Specialist solicitors used for all financial transactions
  • Full visibility of projects at all times
  • Everything about your investment is kept in-house
  • Expert guidance throughout the process if desired
  • Investments from £10,000 up to £1million
"I must admit I was nervous about investing so much money especially as the property was so far away from me. But using experienced property solicitors and getting everything in writing allayed my fears somewhat. Despite there being a few delays and problems with the property Gareth never once missed a repayment, also I was kept informed of progress at all stages. I earned far more than my other institutional investments so much so that I’ve just started my third investment with Gareth."
Paul Henry, Manchester.
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